Pop quiz: steps for using %lprun

Below is the convert_units() function, which converts the heights and weights of our favorite superheroes from metric units to Imperial units.

def convert_units(heroes, heights, weights):

    new_hts = [ht * 0.39370  for ht in heights]
    new_wts = [wt * 2.20462  for wt in weights]

    hero_data = {}

    for i,hero in enumerate(heroes):
        hero_data[hero] = (new_hts[i], new_wts[i])

    return hero_data

Suppose you have a list of superheroes (named heroes) along with each hero's height (in centimeters) and weight (in kilograms) loaded as NumPy arrays (named hts and wts respectively).

What are the necessary steps you need to take in order to profile the convert_units() function acting on your superheroes data if you'd like to see line-by-line runtimes?

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