Filtering results

Congrats on finishing the first chapter! You now know how to select columns and perform basic counts. This chapter will focus on filtering your results.

In SQL, the WHERE keyword allows you to filter based on both text and numeric values in a table. There are a few different comparison operators you can use:

  • = equal
  • <> not equal
  • < less than
  • > greater than
  • <= less than or equal to
  • >= greater than or equal to

For example, you can filter text records such as title. The following code returns all films with the title 'Metropolis':

SELECT title
FROM films
WHERE title = 'Metropolis';

Notice that the WHERE clause always comes after the FROM statement!

Note that in this course we will use <> and not != for the not equal operator, as per the SQL standard.

What does the following query return?

SELECT title
FROM films
WHERE release_year > 2000;
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