How can I process a single argument?

As well as [email protected], the shell lets you use $1, $2, and so on to refer to specific command-line parameters. You can use this to write commands that feel simpler or more natural than the shell's. For example, you can create a script called that selects a single column from a CSV file when the user provides the filename as the first parameter and the column as the second:

cut -d , -f $2 $1

and then run it using:

bash seasonal/autumn.csv 1

Notice how the script uses the two parameters in reverse order.

The script is supposed to take a filename, the number of the row to select, the number of the column to select, and print just that field from a CSV file. For example:

bash seasonal/summer.csv 4 2

should select the second field from line 4 of seasonal/summer.csv. Which of the following commands should be put in to do that?

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