Removing repetitive work

Automation is at the heart of data engineering. Sam wants to eliminate boring and repetitive tasks from her and her coworkers plate. She wants to let machines do what they do best, while empowering humans to do what they do best.

Sam has a coworker - John - whose job is to build the department budget. He also got stuck with the job of looking at images coming from GetItDone user reports. If he sees a cat in the image, he has to send a text message to the Animal services manager with the image and its location.

Sam is thinking of building a system that would take this repetitive work off John's plate.

Such a system will:

  • Get images taken by city trash trucks and store them;
  • If the image contains a cat, the system will send an SMS to the Animal Services manager.

What AWS services would Sam need to implement this system?

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