The maintenance process

DataCamp prides itself on having the best curriculum for learning Data Science. That means that all our courses need to be appreciated by students, which requires every instructor to do at least two rounds of maintenance:

  • The first round happens within a couple of weeks of soft launch, based on initial data from students.
  • The second round happens a couple of months later, once further data has been acquired.

Additionally, you will also be asked to perform maintenance in these circumstances.

  • The packages used in your course are updated with breaking changes. We aim to keep courses relevant by teaching the latest version.
  • Your course rating is below 4.3 (averaged over 8 weeks). You'll be expected to work on it until the rating rises above that threshold.

Don't panic! You won't be alone; the Content Quality Team will help you. However, the final responsibility for maintaining your course lies with you. In a small number of cases, we've decided to archive a course due to quality problems.

Who is responsible for maintaining your course?

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