Anaconda Project commands

As you have seen Anaconda Projects provide reproducible execution of data science assets. The babynames project defined a command-line-interface (CLI) command to analyze yearly trends.

When defining a command line tool in Anaconda Project the type unix or windows should be used. Typically both are defined, where unix is the full command as run in Bash and windows is the full command as run in the Windows Shell.

Anaconda Projects can support four types of commands:

  • Unix commands: shell-based commands that run on Mac or Unix systems
  • Windows commands: Windows shell commands
  • Bokeh App: Run bokeh-server with a given Python script
  • Jupyter Notebook: Launch Jupyter Notebook with the specified notebook file

For both Unix and Windows commands any arbitrary command can be run. These could be OS-specific tools or Python scripts provided with the Project. The Conda environment defined in anaconda-project.yml is created and activated automatically when running a command.

Commands are added to projects using the anaconda-project add-command command. Projects can have any number of commands defined.

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